Our Standard Terms and Conditions, Pertaining to your Warranty Rights

Our standard warranty is one year from the day of purchase and covers the motor, battery and the control board. Generally speaking, if you have our product you are covered by our warranty, regardless of where you are. The warranty is tied to our product and not its owner so if you decide to sell your e-scooter or your EUC to third party and the device is still under warranty, we will honour this warranty. The onus is always on the buyer to bring the product in for repair, regarding of whether it’s under warranty or not, meaning we either expect you to bring the device to us or pay for postage. If the device is under warranty and it’s a warranty case, we will pay for return postage within the UK.

We have a common sense warranty policy, meaning that if you ride your EUC down a hill and bring it to us in pieces, we will charge you for a repair. If, however, either the motor, the battery or the control board goes bad and there is no evidence of self-inflicted damage to the component, then it is covered under our warranty and we will either repair it for you or send you parts for a home repair at our expense. We will generally do our best to assist you should you have any problems after you buy a product from us.

We also sell an additional year of warranty for 10% of the cost of the Electric Unicycle or 20% of the cost of an Electric Scooter. Additional warranty carries the same terms as the stock warranty and ads an extra year for the battery, the controller and the motor, making the total warranty period two years.

We hope that you will never need the warranty, but if you do, we will make sure that you receive a fair treatment!