Getting Your Order To Your Door

We ship your order door to door in the shortest time possible. We also allow collections when the products are in stock.

We only sell products that we have in stock. Electric Unicycles and Scooters that we sell are all sourced from China and production and shipping can take anywhere between several weeks to months, subject to a range of factors, such as whether we ship them by sea or by air and Brexit so refilling stocks takes time. In the rare instances when you buy something and we don’t have it in stock we will refund your money right away.

Additionally, all Electric Unicycles are assembled manually by hand and with every new batch there are changes, that are being made as part of product improvements, that cause further logistical delays. If you want something, you see it in stock and are happy with the price we would suggest getting it there and then because the delivery of the next stock may take months!