My name is Andrei Petunin and the first time I heard about Electric Unicycles was back in 2012 when I was at a conference and one of the speakers rolled out on to the stage on one of them, to great amazement of everyone. He invited everyone to visit his startup that wanted to sell Electric Unicycles, the now defunct Project 42 also known as Uniwheel. They went with the business ahead of their time and took a wrong direction with Uniwheel thus failed. More recently as I was working as a contractor for an insurance firm I met another rider, who owned three unicycles and lent me one. After a few days with it I quickly decided that it’s something I wanted and I purchased my first wheel, an Inmotion V8F. This was early 2017. I now ride profusely as a result of which in July 2020 I decided to build the The Good Rider brand.

Riding Electric Unicycle gives you a feeling of freedom to explore places you would never otherwise go to. The community is constantly growing and we firmly believe that this form of transportation, along with electric scooters and other PEVs that haven’t been invented yet, is the future of mobility and the goal is to bring this future closer with distribution of affordable PEVs. By brining these vehicles to the masses we would achieve economies of scale and will drive the prices down.


Our History

We have seen a slow but a steady growth over the past months

We are selling Electric Unicycles and Electric Scooters since July 2020 and have been steadily growing our network of partners and suppliers. We’ve launched this website at second half of November 2020.

2 Employees
96 Satisfaction (out of 100)
2 Shops
50 Customers